Finding the idea daunting? Colleagues and associates parroting “you need a blog” everywhere you encounter these people? “Start Blog” moves on your to-do list from one day to the next, undone, unbegun, and there you still sit, unsure of how to begin?

I’m an experienced blogger and I can help you. I’ll help you to identify your blog objectives, and then provide you with a template to use, or do the writing for you. I’ll help you decide how often to blog and choose what sorts of events, innovations or great ideas will actually constitute A Good Blog.  I’ll also help you promote your blog, depending on what you want it to do for you and who you want it to reach.

Blogs do not need to be long. In fact, short is generally better.  The internet has all of us functioning at warp speed – in other words, you’ll need to capture your audience’s attention fast, or you run the risk of morphing into the equivalent of electronic fishwrap.

A blog with energy and interest will attract attention. Blogs can help you meet your business or not-for-profit objectives, and can vary in style from formal to conversational.

Give me a call. There’s no charge for a 15-minute consultation while we have an opening chat. There’s no obligation.

I want to help you succeed.